Is local area television and radio serving YOUR interest? If not, take action with the Sacramento Media Group! SMG reminds local broadcasters of their legal obligations to serve the public interest, and we take action to improve the quality of broadcasting for all of us.

The Sacramento Media Group works to improve local media in many ways, including:

  • Encouraging local television and radio stations to provide more and better local election coverage and reviewing their public files.
  • Organizing community forums on media issues and sponsoring film screenings on media reform.
  • Meeting with local congressional representatives and communicating with the FCC on issues such as media consolidation and net neutrality.
  • Partnering with the local public access stations to increase local, youth, and minority voices in the media.

Our goals include more local election coverage to improve our democracy, more diffuse and diverse media ownership, more balanced viewpoints, and more local access to the airwaves.

Do you have ideas about other actions we could take to improve local media? So do we! Join us at one of our meetings to talk about them! Our organization has served as a model for other communities who want to improve their local media, and we want you to get involved.

The Sacramento Media Group is affiliated with California Common Cause and meets regularly in Sacramento. For more information, including upcoming meetings and copies of our reports, email us at sacramentomediagroup@gmail.com.


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